picAre you tired of spending money on maintaining or constantly replacing your current HOA fence?

            Then you need a RhinoRock concrete clad fence that is virtually maintenance free.   Concrete is the only material that can reproduce the appearance of an old world stone fence and still withstand the rain, snow, ice, and hot sun.  The Rhinorock fence has been tested extensively and has withstood the test of time.  A large HOA in Washington State spent nearly $200,000 on maintaining their HOA wood fence over the past 15 years.     So DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT with a RhinoRock Concrete light weight wall.

Are you tired of worrying about feeling secure with your wood or plastic HOA fence?

            Then you need a RhinoRock fence that is stable and completely obstructs anyone’s view because it doesn’t have gaps or slits like a wood or plastic fence.

Are you tired of listening to noisy neighbors or busy roads in your HOA?

            Then you need a RhinoRock fence that reflects the noise because it doesn’t allow sound to transfer easily through slits or gaps present in wood or plastic fencing.   Our RhinoRock fencing has been shown to be an effective sound barrier (combination concrete shell with foam core) and can reduce noise by up to 50%.


Since the RhinoRock fence is light weight, it doesn’t require heavy equipment to install and therefore causes very little damage to existing landscaping during the installation process.

HOA board members can now feel comfortable that they are spending their HOA fees wisely on a Rhinorock fence that will give many years of  service.

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