Available Concrete Fence Staining Options

The RhinoRock concrete clad  light weight fence comes in a natural grey concrete color.   Many people leave it in the natural grey because it blends well with landscaping .    The RhinoRock  fence doesn’t require any finish as  the concrete is very durable and will withstand the weather elements over time.

Many homes being built at this time have greys and whites in their exterior finish, so the “Virtual Grey” color has become very popular.

However, some people choose to color the fence once it is installed to compliment the  structures on site, whether your home or commercial buildings.    You can choose one of our standard color staining options as shown in the photos below.   Just tell your sales person the name of the base color that you like.

The color stain is specifically made for concrete and will require little or no maintenance  for many years to come.   The basecoat is applied with an airless sprayer and the highlight colors are hand sponge applied.  If by chance the fence is tagged with graffiti, those portions of fence can be easily restained  for a nominal cost.

Typically the color staining only adds a few dollars per lineal foot per side of the fence.   You only have to stain and pay for the side of fence that you choose.

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